Dragons exist. If you don’t believe me, just look around. The majority of people have one nowadays.You don’t see them? Well, that’s because you don’t have one. Don’t worry, though, that just means you are one of the lucky ones.Some people are born with dragons and some get theirs at a later date. Dragons are honestly quite common nowadays but not so much before. Well, they weren’t really known about before. If you do get a dragon you can get rid of it. Sometimes anyway. I have a dragon. Don’t believe me. Look closer. My dragon is wrapped around my head so it can whisper in my ear. It tells me not to socialise with people and to go and hide instead. My dragons make me panic at overwhelmingly loud noise and at the idea of talking on the phone. It likes to confuse me on not only my own emotions but of other people’s emotions as well. My dragons like me to stay in a certain routine and panics if I break it, it enjoys making me do things in a certain way. My dragons prefer for me to stay in my room instead of going out and socialising, I fight it. I struggle against it. Some days it wins. Some days I win. My dragon was born with me and I’ll never me about to get rid of it. But that’s okay because I am myself with my dragon and I am slowly learning how to control it. How to manage it. And how I work with it. Still, don’t believe me. Try changing to word dragon to mental illness.

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