“Happy Valentines Day ___”

The little girl had dragged her father around every flower shop in the city, she seemed to get more and more desperate in her search for something. And once again they were stood in a flower shop staring at the flowers, the little girl filled with determination and the father stood trying not to be annoyed. An assistant came over and asked if they needed any help, only to get a list handed to her and a little girl begging for what was on the list. The assistant smiled and went to the back of the shop. The dad gave the girl a look before trying to get the girl to look at other bouquets of flowers. The little girl refused and insisted that she needed what was on the list. A few moments later the assistant came back out and had everything wrapped into what could have been seen as a very ugly bouquet. She handed the bouquet to the little girl who squealed with delight. The dad handed over money and they left the store. As they sat in the car, the girl sat and explained each and every item that sat in her ugly bouquet. The dad gave a small little smile understanding as to why the little girl was so adamant about getting these flowers. The little girl ran through the halls as fast as her little legs could manage, while her dad ran after her. The little girl ran into the room and saw her mum, who turned her head and gave her a smile. She rushed over and climbed onto the chair and handed over the bouquet. The mum gave a smile and asked about them. The little girl sat and explained once again. Oak for strength, Marjoram for happiness, Lady’s mantle for comfort, Honeysuckle for bonds of love, Holly for hope, Goldenrod for encouragement, Forget-me-nots for don’t forget me, Edelweiss for Courage, White Clover for think of me, Chrysanthemum for cheerfulness, Arborvitae for unchanging friendship, Angelica for inspiration, Aloe flowers for healing and protection and Blue Saliva for “I think of you”. The mum gave the biggest smile and kissed the girl on the head. The dad asked a nurse to put the bouquet in some water. The nurse smiled at the little girl and took the bouquet away. The little girl smiled and said a single line to her mum.
“Happy Valentine’s day Mum”


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