Daydreamers are unique. You can make assumptions about them all you like but they are still unique. They aren’t lazy or bored or not simply paying attention, they are using their heads more than most people are in a single day. They can dream up worlds and situations quicker than most people can. They can come up with idea at a blink of an eye, rather like a magic trick. Daydreamers can live a million different lives all in the space of a day without having to move from the space they are in. While people are stuck watching the world around them, daydreamers are running from monsters or battling fierce dragons, helping their favourite characters with their problems, or maybe just living a different life to what they already have. They don’t grow old and wither away, they grow up and get more creative with life. And sometimes their daydreams become reality for them. Daydreamers can show the world how to live again and how to see colour when all people can see is the grey around them. People say that they are away with the fairies or in their own world, but Daydreams know the fairies and the other world so it’s okay.
Truly it is.
Maybe you’re a daydreamer. Maybe you have been told to get your head out of the clouds or to stop dreaming and pay attention. Well here is some advice.
Never Stop.
You are unique. And special. That won’t ever change. Why should you change for them when they don’t change for you?
Enjoy being a daydreamer, and enjoy your daydreams. But most importantly remember this.
Daydreamers are unique.


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