Why being a writer sucks!

As someone who strives to become a professional writer, to the point of studying it for three years with another two years to go, I can explain as to why being a writer and why writing sucks. Now don’t get me wrong, I love writing, like beyond love it, I love it to the point where I was doing it as a child and now its consumed my life. But there are times where it sucks so much I wish I never started it in the first place. The point is there are many reasons as to why it sucks so I’m going to explain just a few.

The first reason being a writer sucks is what happens when people find out you’re a writer, especially when they aren’t writers themselves. “That doesn’t make a lot of money”, “Do you think you’re the next J.K Rowling?”, “Can you write me in your story?”, “Yeah everyone is a writer, everyone likes writing” “There’s not many jobs for that”, “You’re a what?” and that’s just some of the things that get said let alone the look you get. The look that says “yeah surrreeeee.” it is so beyond annoying. Yes, I am perfectly aware that it doesn’t make a lot of money, if I was doing a job for money I certainly wouldn’t be writing. No I am not the next J.K Rowling, there is only one J.K Rowling, I don’t write to become the next big J.K Rowling or J.R.R Tolkien, I write to be the me, to be the best thing I can be. Me, Myself and I. No one else. Don’t ever ask me this, my mouth may be saying “yeah sure” but my head is just laughing at you and making a mental note to never use your name in any story I write, even if it doesn’t get published.  Okay yes, people write things and yeah, most people do in fact enjoy writing but being a writer is completely different. It’s spending weeks writing a single piece and then re-writing it multiple times over and still not being happy with it once you have finished, it is stressing over trying to find the right word in one single sentence just to fit perfectly into the story and getting angry over nothing working for it, it’s getting into a writing slump and wanting to throw your work across the room while screaming in pure frustration.  Really not many jobs, for writing, wow you clearly don’t know just how many jobs involve some type of writing, believe me when I say there is a ton, more than a ton. WRITING IS EVERYWHERE! LITERALLY! Yeah, hi I’m a writer, a professional one to be exact, we do exist. Yeah, the look you just gave, we know it, and we now hate you. Please, for your sake, stop.

The second reason being a writer sucks is…. The writing. Now you’re probable confused. It is such a pain trying to write sometimes, like seriously. You write the piece, then re-write it, then re-write it again, and again, and again, and again, and again. And at the end of it. You’re still not happy and still thinking of ways to write it even after you’ve handed it over to be published. And yet still it will be edited and change once again in a different way and then you have to deal with that change. It is so frustrating. Or worse yet when you write something and then it goes complete wrong. Nothing is working and everything is screaming at you or nothing is coming to your head and you can’t put a single word down and even if you do manage a few words, it’s never a full sentence. I usually like to destroy these pieces and pretend it never existed, until about two weeks later when you find it and carry on writing.

The third reason being a writer sucks is deadlines. The horror of deadlines. Trying to write a perfect piece in an amount of time which is never enough. NEVER. But deadlines need to be completed, especially if you want to eat for this week. Completed deadlines equal money which equals food. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend taking on multiple deadlines as this can be overwhelming and result in you wanting to scream at random items, mostly your laptop. Three deadlines in two weeks is a good level of writing to achieve easily without overwhelming yourself, unless of course you’re a university student and then you have to deal with five assignment deadlines in two weeks so you want to end up tearing your hair out due to stress. But as long as you pace yourself and work for a good solid amount of time then you tend to manage perfectly find. Just think of all the food you can buy with the money you make.

But in all honestly, I extremely enjoy writing. I love creating a world that has only existed in my mind and allowing others to live in that world while they read it. I love to bring my characters to life and having them reflect me in different aspects while living through a world I have created, and I certainly enjoy taking people on an emotional journey which will probably ruin their minds and give them too many feels when I kill off a character. But writing is truly a magic thing and it’s a talent which is very underappreciated even when it’s been developed for years, but nevertheless I plan to spend the rest of my existence doing it because it is who I am.


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