Living with friends

The joys of being in second year of university is that you get to live in a house with a bunch of your friends for dead cheap, if you find the right place. Unless you live with a bunch of complete weirdos….. in which case it’s bloody hilarious. I live with a bunch of creative writing students….. me being one of them, the only odd one out is Meg who is doing a policing course which naturally gets a bit particular when you start talking about how to murder someone….. for writing of course. We then have my friend Miss Diagnosed, also known as Literal Grandma. Next is a small, sassy bandit called Morgarna, known as Rage Cleaner. Next with have the tallest of the group G a.k.a Satan according to the Rage Cleaner. And then there is me… The “mom” of the group. (You can follow the links to their blogs if you want, thanks Morgarna for the code.)

First hilarious thing that has happened in the house in a small disagreement formally dubbed as “the cup argument” between Satan and the Rage Cleaner. This is a simply argument of if the mugs and cups in our cupboard should be upside down or stood up right. Satan is very much on the side of the cups should be upside where Rage Cleaner is on the side of them being stood up right, of course this lead to a small fight on trying to keep the cup in the supposed right way, in the end they got the rest of us involved to decided how the cups should go….. Rage Cleaner won. (On the grounds that Satan could keep her own cups and mugs upside down, but not everyone else’s.)

Another incident that happened in the house was the fight for Jedward the Shark. You see, over the summer, just after I had moved in with my friends I had stayed with my dad and ended up getting a huge stuffed shark. So, of course, I brought him to my place where everyone wanted him. At the start I was quite happy to let them hold him and have cuddles with him, this eventually lead to him being stolen multiple times, there is now a sign on my door stating that he is mine. One evening when I was in my room I had both Rage Cleaner and Satan run in and both try and grab Jedward, this resulted on me pretty much belly flopping onto the shark in order to stop them… I won this fight. Jedward is now allowed to be taken if people need to be cheered up, that is the only reason he leaves the room.

Yes living with friends is great and yes sometimes you will get into small arguments and disagreements but at the end of the day it’s awesome to know that if you ever need someone by your side in a flash they will sit and cheer you up… even if that means looking at Korean boy bands. The first year of university can suck for the first few weeks but to be completely honest this is where you do find your true friends and living with them is the best thing that can happen to you.


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