Why creative writing and other arts are important.

So the big thing that happened in my life this year was that my university stopped my creative writing course, luckily for me and my class mates they would allow us to finish our course, I also found out that a few other creative courses where cut too. This frustrates me. Not only am I a creative writer but I dabble in other arts and creative things too, so I find it very annoying when these creative course are always the first to be cut when it comes to money issue at a educational centre. Now I know what you are thinking, “of course they would cut that stuff first, there are other things that are most important” and yes I partly agree with you, there are certain subjects that re important but the creative arts are just as important as other subjects and why are they important you ask. Well it simply really. The world and the people need the arts. Yes maths and science and cure and fixed most of the worlds problems but if that was all us humans needed we could easily consider ourselves as robots and no offensive to sci-fi fanatics but I don’t wanna be an unemotionally robot who just follows the logically side of life. And I doubt that the majority of the world does either. Arts is what gets us through the hard times, art is what can cheer up millions of people during the bad times. People turns to the arts for relief, yet people still say that its not important, that it won’t help the world, yet it already is, many many maaaannnnnyyyy people have the arts to thank for a lot in their lives. This is why the arts are important, yes science is important and yes maths is important, but they can’t always bring relief to people. Arts, some way, some how, can and this is why we shouldn’t cut these courses. And to be honest the more the course are cut the most people feel ashamed to admit that they like the arts, because they will be automatically laughed and sneered at because people have dubbed the arts as not important, and with the rate we are going there will no longer be art in the world. And guess who will get the blame for it. That’s right, the people who create the arts.



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