Why pulling an all-nighter in the library is the best worst idea ever!

So, a little while ago, a friend and I decided that we would stay in our university’s library to try and get some work done since we both need to. We decide that if we wanted to go home the last bus was at 11:30 so we could leave by then and get home and sleep. Well after working for what left like a couple of ideas we checked the time and realise it was gone midnight. We had missed the last bus home, but we decided to stay the night in the library and see how much work we could do, there would be another bus around 6 so we could go home then. Worse idea ever! (well for me anyway my friend had done this before and was completely fine with it all) so around about 2 in the morning I am officially tired and bored out of my mind. By 4 am I am no longer doing work and am just trying to survive. By 6 I’m celebrating and heading to the bus, 7am and I’m in bed fast sleep. As far as I am concerned I am never doing it again. Here is why not to pull all-nighters.


Sleep is so, so, so important as a human being, we need it to function, we need in to live. We need it cause it time travels us to food and who doesn’t love food.


Now I don’t know about you but if I do one thing for far too long I get bored. Quickly. I like to be able to switch between things to keep me going, such as switching between apps or reading and looking at random pictures that have no relation to what I’m actually supposed to be doing. After being sat there for several hours I was very much ready to leave.


So originally this was my friend’s idea and hell at the start I thought it was a good idea too. I wasn’t tired, and it usually takes me ages to fall asleep anyway, why the hell not? I regret so much. By about 2am I was really tired and very much wanting to fall asleep. No amount of sugar or food was keeping me awake, work was no longer interesting, and neither was Facebook. As far as I was concerned I was done. Even my friend was getting bored, there is only so much someone can do when they have done everything else already, and I’m pretty sure we were both going insane by 4am. By 6am we had completely lost our minds and we made no sense. I am never in a million years doing that again.

However, I know someone people are university students like myself and I know that eventually you are going to pull an all-nighter in your university library, so you ever do, here are so tips to get through it.

  • Bring food and drinks with you.

Food is definitely important, especially to keep yourself awake and to keep yourself motivated. Treat yourself to food every time you hit a certain point in your work or hell even in a certain point in the time and then not only with the time go quicker but you’ll actually feel like you have a reason to stay up all night to do the work. Because let’s face it, deadline sometimes isn’t enough motivation, you just need something a little bit extra.

  • Actually do the work.

This is why you are here, this is the reason you decided you need to pull this all-nighter, DON’T LET IT GO TO WASTE! Shut down all your apps, turn off Facebook, put on your study playlist and just go. If you feel too tempted on your laptop, then switch to good old-fashioned paper and pen. It won’t run out of charge and you can easily transfer it onto your laptop. It’s like Magic.

  • Bring a friend

Just take my advice on this one, you may think that they will only be a distraction but something they can be the biggest help. Sometimes it’s very helpful to have someone to talk to about what you are doing, your ideas, how things work, help bring snacks and to help you stay awake as well. Bringing a friend is defo on the check list.


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