Who helped me become a writer?

So the first person to help me on my journey to being a writer is my mum. From a young age she has always encouraged me to keep going, even when I was having bad days and completely hated writing with a passion. She also, throughout my whole life, has complimented my work, even as a child (when my work was shit) right the way up to my work now as a university student.


Secondly I want to mention Andrew Anderson, he was my teacher for A Level English Literature as well as Creative Writing. He taught me almost all of the writing skills that I use in my work, which of course has helped massively improve the quality of my writing. He also helped me become more open minded with genre as I was going through a phrase of “everyone must die a painful death” as well as helping me come up with plot ideas which then went on to help me write more novel styles pieces rather than short stories.


Next I have to mention all of my friends from the past. They would often watch me write in class and would always be begging to read my work, no matter how much I told them to wait until it was finished. They also used to ask questions about my stories, to get a better understanding, which helped me to further explain things when writing as before I thought everyone had the same picture created in their heads as me.


I also want to talk about my current university friends, especially the ones I live with! (You can check them out here: Morgarna  ,  , Miss Diagnosed blogger  ) They, like almost everyone else, help me out with spelling and grammar as it’s my weakest point when it comes to writing. They also read my work to help check for character and plot issues, while also encouraging me by telling me which parts they really loved. Lastly, like all crazy people, they help me come up with some really amusing story ideas.


Lastly there is my twin sister Becky who I know is going to fucking read this, you’re welcome. She is my biggest help to be completely honest. She knows how much writing means to me to the point of even creating (not buying, actually making) a 300 writing prompt folder which is also super colourful (yay). She is constantly checking over all my pieces of writing, whether they were fiction pieces or essays, to make sure that they made sense to everyone rather than just to me. In other words she became my translator to normal people. She is constantly helping me with my spelling and grammar, my weakest points in life and is also helping me come up with ideas. She also constantly encourages me to write no matter how bad I feel, even to the point of me wanting to quit entirely. To put it in smaller words, she is my muse, my editor, my translator, and my biggest fan.


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