Writing Space part 2

Okay so I wasn’t gonna do a part 2 but then I thought, hey why not tell people what I would love to have as my own personal writing space if I could design one so, with that in mind here we go.

The room would be big, not ridiculously big but still big enough. I can’t stand small and cramped spaces,  I need big open spaces. Speaking of open spaces I would have every piece of furniture in that room against a wall, why?  Because sometimes I need to randomly dance around the room or pace up and down to get idea, why else would I want open spaces.

All my furniture would be super comfy. And I mean all of them. Desk chair, comfy. Beanie-bag next to my bookshelf, Comfy. Writing desk, Comfy, everything else, COMFY. Because I like to occasionally sit on things that aren’t meant to be sat on

YO! It’s Morgarna Madness, I wandered in from down the hall, to say, JEM is awesome, but my writing space will and forever be better… MM Out!

Back on to the point. All but one of my walls would have furniture against it as previously mentioned but one of these walls would have nothing against it, this wall in particular would be what I’m going to referrer to as my writing wall. A wall that I can purely use to stick all my ideas and pieces on for whatever story I was working on. This way I could keep track of everything in a much more convenient way rather than searching through too god-damn many notebooks to find on damn item.  The struggles are real.

So … yeah…. not much else to say on this point. Just need to get a happy writing space now…..

If you have any ideas or want talk about your perfect writing space go ahead and comment below. I’m always up for new ideas



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